File Tiler

File Tiler converts a shapefile to vector tiles in minutes using no code. You can use this tool to create map tiles of your files that are simple to access and navigate.

File Tiler is a simple tool to create vector tiles from shapefiles. A user simply drops the shapefile, chooses the zoom levels and clicks Submit. Creating the tiles can take from several minutes up to an hour for large files. When the tiles are ready, though, they are hosted by Clockwork Micro and can be used in any web map.

Why use File Tiler?

  • It's easy. File Tiler is a no code option. Sometimes even if you know how to create tiles, it takes time to install the packages to do it. File Tiler lets you create tiles in just several minutes.
  • Tiles are hosted by Clockwork Micro. There's work to be done to host and provide vector tiles, such as setting up security, caching, CORS policies, etc. File Tiler takes care of all of this.
  • File Tiler accepts shapefiles up to 2 GB. Shapefiles are still the most common format for geospatial data. File Tiler lets you work with these, and even large ones.
  • No need to change the coordinate system. File Tiler takes determines the coordinate system your data is in and converts from that.


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