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Add a USGS topo map to your webpage or web map.

Are you looking to add a USGS topo map to your webpage or web map? Clockwork Micro offers a USGS topo map layer that may be embedded into a web or mobile service. Our USGS Topo map is a continuous raster layer created by tiling over 50,000 original USGS Topo maps. The topo map can be shown alone, or as a layer with other layers over it, such as a user’s hiking route. For mobile applications, the USGS topo map tiles may be downloaded to a device so that they may be used when there is no internet or cellular connection.

Why Use a USGS Topo Map

USGS Topo maps are the historical standard for maps in the United States. In non-urban areas, the USGS Topo Maps are generally recognized as an established record of the state of land, e.g. where streams flow, the locations of schools, cemeteries and public campgrounds, and elevation.  The USGS Topo map is also a standard and a classic for all outdoor activities. The same style and format has been used for decades. The trails and outdoor information on the USGS Topo maps have guided generations of outdoor adventure.

What Makes Our USGS Topo Maps Special

Our USGS Topo Map has better resolution and is cleaner, and more up to date than many other available versions. Our map also loads faster and has clean borders between maps.

Case Studies / Examples of Uses

Example - Hiking mobile application developer

A hiking app is a great example use case for the USGS topo map. Offering the USGS Topo map to users lets them see trails, elevation, park boundaries and other essential information. The tiles can also be downloaded ahead of time so that the user can still access them without cell phone reception.

Example - USGS Topo map of the Grand Canyon

Download USGS 7.5 Min Top Quads

We've created a dedicated page where you can easily access and download the USGS 7.5 Min Topo Quads. The map provides detailed and accurate information about the topography, terrain, elevation, and features of a specific geographic area. Access the USGS 7.5-Minute Topo Quads.


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