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Help Center

Short examples and articles to help our users.

Setting Up

Use your API credentials to request custom map tiles from our microservices and render the tiles on a webpage.

Setting Up

Obtain an Access Token

Exchange your API credentials for an access token.
Setting Up

Use Terrain Tiles with Leaflet

Display our customizable terrain tiles in a map using the Leaflet JavaScript library.
Setting Up

Use USGS Topo Tiles with Leaflet

Display our USGS topographic tiles in a map using the Leaflet JavaScript library.

Basic Examples

Create straightforward map implementations using our various terrain and topographic tiles.

Basic Examples


Colorado, USA

Hillshade is a simple and beautiful way to bring a map to life and give a 3D impression of terrain.
Basic Examples

USGS Topo of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, USA

Pan and zoom through the Grand Canyon.
Basic Examples

Toggle All Layers

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Simple example of aspect, hillshade and slope centered on Mount Fuji.
Basic Examples


Lopez Island, USA

This simple example shows the slope of the coastline in a large park.
Basic Examples

USGS Topo Overview


View the national USGS Topo layer.

Interactive Examples

Go beyond simple tile transforms and develop interactive maps that respond to user input.

Interactive Examples

Interactive Slope

Quito, Equador

Allow an end-user to set a slope threshold, such as 20 degrees, and recolor the map to show all regions with a slope greater than 20 degrees.
Interactive Examples

Interactive Aspect

Dolomites, Italy

Allow the end-user to dynamically set an aspect range, such as first coloring slopes based on an East-West partition and then a North-South partition.
Interactive Examples

Color By Elevation

Zürich, Switzerland

Allow end-users to set colors of regions by elevation


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