Map Tools

Map Tools is a set of interactive geospatial tools.

Map Tools is a suite of geospatial services. The services may be used independently of one another or together.


File Tiler

File Tiler converts a shapefile to vector tiles in minutes using no code. You can use this tool to create map tiles of your files that are simple to access and navigate.


DB2Vector enables you to transform your raw data stored in a database into a vector tile endpoint.

Simple Styler

Simple Styler is an interactive vector tile style editor. You may use your own vector tile URL or link an existing Clockwork Micro vector tile layer.

Map Maker

Map Maker allows you to stack several vector tile layers atop a OpenStreetMap basemap to form a complete map.


  • The entire suite of services instantaneously reflect changes in the underlying dataset.
  • The suite of services is modular: as each service is configured individually, the other parts of the suite automatically update.
  • Other than the database query, there is no code involved.
  • DRY: unlimited styles can be created from a single tile source. Similarly, a single style can be used in as many maps as desired.

Get Started!

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